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Hi, my name is Jacob Fletcher. I am a freelance creative director based in Düsseldorf that brings a multidisciplinary skillset to your communication problems. A blend of strategy, art direction, concept and digital thinking.

I have most recently been a part of the creative team at Parasol Island where I’ve worked with various brands across media, fashion, beauty, food, automotive, technology, sports and more.

American born, raised in Maine. I obtained my education in Boston, Massachusetts – graduating with a BFA in Design Communication / Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston in 2010 – before relocating to Germany in 2013.

I draw inspiration primarily from the intersection of our digital lives with reality, the tangible and non-tangible – taking heavy influence from modern culture, art and new technology.

Thanks for your attention.

Keep it beautiful.
Make it human.
Always know the goal.
Love what you do.
Gold Ideas
Save the world.
Always apologize.
Disrupt. Don’t follow.
Observe everything.
Question everything.
Always surprise people.
Learn new things.
Work life/balance.
Feelings matter.
Create good when possible.
Wrong is wrong.
Listen. Really listen.
See the small things.
Understand when you’re wrong.
There is always someone better. 

Save everything.
Always have a plan.
Be prepared.
Stay social.
Always know the answer.
Make things for everyone.
Play with everything.
Teach others.
Get comfortable with uncomfortable.
Be the best.
Know it all.
Learn when you can.
Find a style.
Write it all down.
Create things to discover.
Make something new.
Show respect.
Don’t be an asshole.
Tell the truth.
Fuck you. Pay me.

Say what you wanna say.
Don’t burn people.
Respect the hierarchy.
Live for the work.
Empathy is key.
Laugh if it’s funny.
Numbers prove everything.
Hide a lie.
Sleep on it.
Choose the projects.
No ego.
Push for meaning.
Follow the rules.
Use what is available.
Fuel the negative.
Know the value.
Always hold the door.
Do better.
No gravity.



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“I’m a strong believer in a balance of disruption and pragmatism. Doing things differently to be noticed, but keeping the ideas realistic and effective. I want to give people a reason to look, create stories people want to share, make things that are beautifully human.”




Brands worked with:        Volkswagen / John Frieda / PENNY / ALDI / eBay / BMW / Guhl / ION Boards & More / C&A / KFC / Xiaomi / JTI Japan Tobacco International​ / eprimo / Red Bull Media House / Jeep® / Fiat / Alfa Romeo / REWE Group / TOOM Baumarkt / Commerzbank / Toyota / Eucerin / Gardena / Schaebens / Vodafone / Schalke 04 

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